Hi.  I’m Dave Bath, Inventor of Gutter Flow System.   I’ve been a contractor for 40 years and have seen all kinds of gutter protection products.  They’re either too expensive or they simply don’t work; or both. 

In the early 2000’s we bought two rental homes.  They are in a heavily wooded neighborhood with a variety of large mature trees; including Oak, Maple, Pine, Cedar and Box Elder.   I was literally cleaning gutters 5-6 times “per house per year” and it still wasn’t enough.   With every moderate to heavy rain, I was getting calls of overflowing gutters and water coming in the basement.  Being self-employed and frustrated, I needed to come up with a solution. 

I couldn’t afford the expensive gutter protection and I knew from experience the “affordable” stuff wouldn’t work.  So I had an idea.   I created an aluminum mock-up in my garage.  Installed it and it worked!   No more tenant calls at 2am from water in the basement. This was 2008 and over the next couple of years, some modifications were made and then we applied for a patent. 

Meanwhile, we had made enough for our home, rentals and about a dozen homes around Michigan.      It continued to work phenomenally.  Now I clean the gutters about ONCE every 5 years, even with extreme conditions. 

Our plan was to officially launch the Gutter Flow business once we received our patent in 2014.  However, due to health issues for both myself and my wife, we were not able to do so until late 2019.

Gutter Flow System is an affordable product that really works.  It is durable and easy to install for most DIY home owners.  It’s a great ROI for our preferred contractors.   We care about our clients and preferred contractors alike, so it would be selfish to keep this amazing product to ourselves.

Feel free to contact us by clicking the button below with any questions you may have about Gutter Flow System and see how we can help you.